Untapped riches of Nigeria–Solid Mineral Resources

As the world faces the challenges of the millennium, more and more countries are embarking on major restructuring of their economies in order to derive maximum benefits from the various economic sectors. Economic indicators point toward global trade in solid minerals. Nigeria is endowed with abundant mineral resources of various kinds. There is local and international demand for mineral resources which provide substantial trade and investment opportunities for both local and international investors. What is obvious is that the business community is largely ignorant of the economic potentials which exist in Nigeria’s solid minerals sector.

Our company, Tasaree International Limited (TIL) is a certified metal and mineral consultants. We conduct training, workshop, seminars and specialize in providing a broad array of consulting services to include producers, financial institutions, suppliers, customers, professional service firms and governments.

Our training, seminars and workshops are highly interactive, and include a wide range of exercises to stimulate and involve the participants. We will take you through various stages of mining, expand your knowledge of mineral and metal markets, position you for international funding, technical and foreign partnership.

It’s time to confront the future and unlock the promise.
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We offer world class training in Mining. Our training are very intensive and practical

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Our trainings are conducted in world class facilities with top notch equipments.

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Our instructors are veterans’ in the mining industry with years of experience, qualifications and skills.

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Our network of international affiliation and partnership cut across various country and top organization

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Why choose us

Our training delivery is of international standard and with our team of seasoned professional

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Don’t miss out in an opportunity to be part of a successful industry.

What we do

  • Training

    We offer both local and international training in the mining industry. And our major objective is to give our students the knowledge they need to excel in the industry.

  • Recruitment & HR Consulting

    We help major organization recruit competent work force that would help build their mining business both locally and internationally

  • Consulting

    Due to our wealth of experience and resources, we consult for organizations and individuals would need assistance in every area of mining.

What we are good at

With our wealth of experience and vast wealth of resources, we render the following services!

Recruitment & HR Consulting

Partners say

  • Laurel School of Mine has been of great benefit to our organization. Partnering with them has been a huge benefit and I endorse them as the best school of mine you can attend in the country
    Diana Red
  • Our organization have worked with the facilitator of Laurel School of Mine and with their years of experience I personally advise you to attend the school.
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    Anna White
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  • Think mining training, Think Laurel School of mine. They have the experience and the experience you need for your training.
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Training Highlights

Programme Outcome

Our training programme will, among others will:
  1. Show you the investment opportunities in mining, metals and solid minerals

  2. Position you for international funding and foreign partnership

  3. Show you the hidden treasures of darkness

  4. Expand your knowledge of metals and minerals markets

  5. Take you through various stages of mining – Fact Findings. Prospecting. Exploration. Feasibility Studies. Implementation

Training Modules
Laurel School of Mines

Mineral Exploration and Mining for investors… This speaking program is for investors and other stakeholders requiring a background to mineral exploration and mining.
In depth training of mining investment risk… so that those relatively new to mining can identify and evaluate the risks involved, hence make informed decisions about how and when to invest in a mine or mining company
Introduction to Mining & Mineral Processing…This program will explain in details, what to look for when dealing with investors (local & International). Various environmental risk factors, how to salvage International sanction. And much more…

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